Mobile sports betting begins March 11 in North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. (WRAL) – Mobile sports betting will start before the ACC men’s basketball tournament.

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission voted Wednesday to allow operators to take mobile sports bets on March 11 at noon, according to WRAL.

North Carolina bettors can establish and fund accounts through approved operators on March 1.

“We are telling the public we are ready for sports wagering,” said Sterl Carpenter, the deputy executive director of gaming compliance and sports betting. “Now it is up to our operator applicants to show us that they can meet the requirements set by our General Assembly and by this commission.”

The start date is two days after No. 12 Duke and No. 3 North Carolina meet in their regular-season finale. The ACC men’s basketball tournament begins March 12 in Washington, D.C.

Horse racing and in-person betting will not be available on March 11.

The list of licensed operators will be posted at

The commission had until June 15 to launch mobile sports betting under state law. It previously announced that mobile sports betting would not begin on Jan. 8, the first day allowable under law, or by the Feb. 11 Super Bowl.

After a multi-year effort, state lawmakers gave final approval in June to legislation legalizing mobile sports betting and certain in-person sportsbooks. Gov. Roy Cooper, a proponent of legalized sports betting, signed the bill into law in Charlotte.

The law charged the lottery commission with implementing the law, setting up rules and regulations around sports gambling and picking a start date. The commission hired Sterl Carpenter, a gaming industry veteran, to oversee North Carolina’s sports betting division.

Nine sports wagering operators have submitted applications to take bets in the state. They have until Friday to submit their proposed internal controls for review by the commission. The commission previously said that mobile sports betting will launch in the state before in-person sports betting at specified locations does.

Operators must have an agreement with certain in-state teams, leagues or facilities in order to secure a license.

Ahead of mobile sports betting approval, sports bars in our state will most likely see an influx of customers to come in and watch the games.

“I do think with it being here it will bring more players in on seasons we may not get a big crowd for. We get a big NFL crowd but for the MLB, NBA, and stuff that we don’t normally see the largest amount of people for, I think it will bring more people out because they will be more invested in the games rather than just watching them at home. They won’t just look at wins and losses, they will actually have something on the line for it,” Tiebreakers employee, Tiffany Iberson said.