Minges Bottling to build new facility outside Ayden

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – The Pepsi bottler here in Eastern Carolina is expanding its footprint in Pitt County with a new facility.

Minges Bottling Group says it will build a new 223,375-square-foot facility next to its existing operations on Highway 11 just outside of Ayden.

The company says it will include a massive new warehouse, administrative and sales offices, vending repairs, and a maintenance shop.

Minges says Pepsi allowing bottlers to deliver all Gatorade products directly was the catalyst to build the new facility.

“In an ever-changing environment we need to be forward thinking and in a full distribution mindset, looking 20 -30 years down the road” said Miles Minges, vice president of sales and marketing said. “Adding Gatorade to our trucks will mark a true test for us here at Minges Bottling Group, allowing us to max out our orders to be more efficient. We are excited about the opportunity and ready to hit the ground running!”

Minges currently employs 230 people, serving 13 counties in Eastern Carolina. The company says it will hire another 23 employees with the expansion. The company says it has already sold its existing facility and is leasing it back until the new plant is completed.

Groundbreaking for the new facility will be on April 18th, coinciding with the company’s centennial celebration.