Martin County deputy and state trooper deliver baby alongside of highway

MARTIN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – A state trooper and deputy performed CPR on a baby they helped deliver along a Martin County highway Sunday morning.

Trooper Skye Stone with The Highway Patrol thought it was just another morning on the job when a surprising call came in about a woman in labor on U.S. 64 around 8:10 a.m.

“I think we were all shocked,” Stone said.

Rushing to the scene, Stone and Martin County Sheriff’s deputies Clay Jannise and Cole Murphy arrived to find the woman mid-delivery in a vehicle on the grass median.

“We realized we were presented with a situation that we had to act we could not wait for EMS,” Stone said.

While Murphy directed traffic, Stone and Jannise jumped into action. They were able to finish the delivery, with help from the mom.

“I don’t know how she did it as calmly as she did,” Stone said.

After the baby was born, Jannise and Stone immediately performed life-saving efforts, including CPR.

“We have CPR training, you have first responder training, you’re always in a perfect environment sitting in a classroom with a plastic dummy that’s clean everything’s sterile, everything is right where you want it,” Stone said. “This was far from that.”

Deputies say once Jamesville EMS arrived, they took over the care of the mother and newborn.

The two were taken to ECU Health Beaufort Hospital for further medical treatment. There is no word at this point on how the baby or mother are doing.

Stone said while it was not ideal, he would do it again if necessary.

“With the right people in the community we will always step up and do the right thing for others,” Stone said.

WITN would like to speak to this new mom so if you know the family, please ask them to contact us.