Man killed in officer-involved shooting in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A man died on Wednesday morning at his house after an officer-involved shooting on New River Drive in Jacksonville.

Police tape and detectives surrounded a house at the corner of New River Drive and York Street. Family members gathered at the scene after hearing the unexpected news.

“I am very surprised something like this happened,” said resident Tanya Anderson.

Residents say the neighborhood is normally quiet, making the incident even more shocking.

“Shocked,” said Anderson. “This is a very good neighborhood. Good people live out here. I used to raise my children on this street.”

At 1:36 a.m. Wednesday, officers received a call about a domestic disturbance and shots fired. Jacksonville Police say the man barricaded himself in the house with six other people. The department’s tactical team and negotiators responded. As they helped the six people out through a side window, police say the suspect left the house from the back and opened fire. Officers then returned fire, hitting and killing the suspect.

Anderson, a mother, expressed disbelief at the family’s loss.

“I just cannot imagine waking up to hear that my child is gone,” said Anderson. “I can’t imagine what somebody’s mother is feeling.”

Brenda Maye, another neighbor who moved to the area in 2021 from Vanceboro, said she has never seen anything like this situation. She urged the community to support the family.

“We got to start helping one another and not hurting one another,” said Maye. “Instead of putting them down, we need to lift them up.”

Chief Michael Yaniero with the Jacksonville Police Department said in a statement that this is a tragedy for everyone involved. The police say the investigation is open and active.