Lt. Gov. attends veterans roundtable

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson was in the East today.

Veterans Services of the Carolinas hosted a roundtable discussion in Jacksonville to discuss the need for more access to funds and resources for veterans throughout the state.

VSC provides several resources for veterans including housing assistance, relief for homeless veterans, and employment assistance through N-C Serves.

VSC currently provides resources through private grant funding but is pushing to get additional assistance through state funding. A sentiment the Lt. Governor says is essential to our veteran population.

“You know, I say it all the time. We don’t spare any expense when we go and recruit a young man or young woman into our United States military sending them off to war. And then all of a sudden, they come home, we start scrambling for dollars to take care of them when they’re wounded, when they need help. We need to stop doing that. We need to put the same kind of investment that we put into recruiting and training them and sending them to war. We need to put that same investment into them when they come home and they need our help,” said Robinson.

VSC and NC Serves say that they also provide transitional assistance for active service members who are leaving the military.