Local charter school students raise over $11k from acts of kindness

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WITN) – Washington Montessori Public Charter School students have been on a mission to make a difference.

One of them is RJ Barrow, a second grader at the school who raised $1200 all by himself, making him the top fundraiser.

When asked what he wanted to tell his friends and family, he said, “Thank you.”

Barrow says he was so good at it because he enjoyed doing it.

“It’s really kind and really lovely,” Barrow said.

Barrow delivered care packages to his grandmother’s elderly neighborhood, helped his parents fix the house, made goodwill donations, and more.

These heartfelt acts inspired his father’s fraternity to donate a big sum of money

“Most of the time the kids are just playing, but he’s there working so when they saw the fundraiser,” said RJ’s mother Katrina Barrow. “That RJ was doing the fundraiser, they were like we have to support our little dude so that’s exactly what they did.”

The students were tasked with carrying out acts of kindness around the school, home, and communities to raise money for their fundraising campaign, named “Raise Craze.”

People and businesses in the community then supported those acts of kindness by donating.

According to principal Austin Andrews, this was the first time they hosted the campaign, and they raised $11,600.

“I’m really happy for the children that they were able to meet a goal and surpass it and surpass it again,” Principal Andrews added.

The acts of kindness of the kids also inspired their teachers as well.

Jo Dee Anderson, the preschool teacher said, “Kindergartners just helping, naturally, without, you know, being planned. It’s very beautiful.”

Other acts of kindness the students did included delivering thank you packages to police and firefighters, putting on bird feeders, and working at the food pantry.