Lenoir County Board of Education votes to fill vacant seat after former member leaves for county commissioners board

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) -A school board in the east met Tuesday night, to decide who will fill a vacant seat on their board following a resignation.

The past month and a half has been a grind for the Lenoir County Board of Education as they’ve looked to fill an open board seat, however, the search finally came to an end Tuesday.

“We’re excited to have a new member, very excited,” said Bruce Hill, Lenoir County Board of Education Chairman.

The seat was previously held by Keith King, but he resigned and went to join the county commissioners in December after former commissioner Chad Rouse resigned following his firing from the police department.

The department says it stemmed from policy and procedure violations.

Tuesday, the board of education voted 4-2 for community member John Wiggins to fill the seat on the school board.

Hill says Wiggins was one of two people to apply for the vacancy. He says the board will welcome him with open arms.

“When I got elected, I thought I knew a lot but found out quickly that I didn’t,” Hill said. “It takes a lot of educating yourself and we do have training sessions so we hope Mr. Wiggins will be willing to make himself available to those training sessions to learn as much as he can.”

Despite the change, Hill says King will always be family.

“We’re hoping now that since Mr. King is on the county commissioners, we’ll still have a good relationship,” Hill said. “He’ll be able to help advocate for the school system because he was when he was on our board.”

Wiggins will be sworn in at next month’s board of education meeting, which will also be his first meeting with the board.

Wiggins will hold the district two seat until the end of November.