Lawmakers introduce bill to give Pitt County Schools calendar flexibility

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) РPitt County’s two state representatives want the General Assembly to give their school system flexibility when creating yearly calendars.

Rep. Gloristine Brown and Rep. Tim Reeder both introduced House Bill 129, School Calendar Flexibility/Pitt County.

While the state has strict guidelines on when schools start and end each year, county systems can get waivers. Only a handful of counties have been given that flexibility in the past.

Last year, Pitt County Schools surveyed parents, students, and others on the school calendar issue.

The school system said over 90% supported a calendar with an earlier start, such as August 16th, and an earlier end, like May 24th.

Brown and Reeder have also joined a group of state lawmakers who introduced a bill to give that flexibility to all 100 counties.

The Pitt County bill was read on the House floor Thursday and referred to the Committee on Education – K-12.