Law enforcement and community members gather for Havelock National Night Out

HAVELOCK, N.C. (WITN) -Police officers, family, food, and fun were the main sights Tuesday night during the 38th annual Havelock National Night Out.

The event is centered around connecting the community with law enforcement in order to create a healthy relationship.

“Police officers, bomb technicians, EMC, regardless of what that first responder does, we’re all human beings and we’re here to support the community,” said Joseph Hecht, Bomb Squad staff sergeant. “Bottom line when we sign up to do whatever we are doing here is to support the community. I think that regardless of the climate throughout the U.S. right now, first that we are here to support the community, we are friends with you.”

The special event is usually held in August, however, due to weather conditions, the city of Havelock tried something new by recognizing October as the backup month.

This year’s event turned out to be the largest with 65 organizations in attendance.

And due to a two-year layoff because of the pandemic, Havelock Police Chief Christopher Morning says providing resources is at the forefront.

“I think it’s more important now than ever to show the community what resources are out there,” Morning said. “A lot of people don’t have the internet, a lot of people have some difficulty searching to find those resources. The focus that we’ve done with ours, bringing all these resources together is a way to show the community what’s really out there. “

Despite the night including free food and drinks for the public, residents like Havelock High School senior Freddie Irving says he used the event for something greater.

“Being able to talk to the people, being able to get to meet new people and understand more people to figure out what type of job opportunities there are out here as a high school student,” Irving said. “Be able to look at my future career and see what I want to do, it’s amazing to be able to figure out. Ever since the two and a half years with Covid-19, it’s nice being able to get back into the community.”

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