Koinonia Community Housing launches new initiative to combat affordable housing crisis in ENC

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Many prospective homebuyers chose to wait things out in 2023, in the hopes that 2024 would bring a better market.

But so far, with mortgage interest rates still relatively high and the housing inventory stubbornly low, it looks like 2024 will remain a challenging time to buy a house, according to Bankrate.

Koinonia Community Solutions started in 2014 as an organization to assist people in creating educational equity, economic empowerment, and housing by sharing community resources.

On Wednesday, Juneteenth, the organization held a Future Homeowners Empowerment Workshop and launched their new housing initiative—Koinonia Community Housing.

Homeownership is an overwhelming process but a goal for many. According to realtor.com, the median home price in Greenville is approximately $276,000.

Latonya Knight, a Pitt County Resident and attendee of Koinonia’s Future Homeowners Empowerment Workshop says, “Going into a big purchase like this, what am I getting myself into?”

Add the high home prices to the rising costs of food, utilities, and gas— residents are now saying the need for affordable housing has never been clearer. That’s why Koinonia Community Solutions is doing its part by offering resources to the ENC community.

Watsi Sutton, Koinonia Community Solutions/Housing Executive Director told WITN, “They’ll learn about the basics of homebuying, the four c’s of homeownership, as well as mortgage-lending basics. Individuals will have an opportunity to have a credit-free screening, as well as loan qualification on sight, and to see firsthand the opportunity for homeownership that’s right at their fingertips.”

The organization is also introducing a new affordable housing option in Greenville—Koinonia’s Cross Creek Townhome Development with the main goal of meeting people where they are.

“Koinonia Community Housing aims to bring those resources right where folks are to make homeownership, educational equity, job readiness, economic empowerment, accessible to the communities that need them so today,” Sutton says.

Knight also told WITN that it’s a blessing to have a resource like Koinonia Community Housing to assist people in reaching their goals. “Having this resource because it’s good to understand God in everything but you still need to know what to do on this side and how to maneuver between services and resources, and how to maneuver between what you want to do, how to get there to fulfill your goals.”

More information on the resources that Koinonia Community Solutions and Housing have, as well as their new Cross Creek Townhome Development can be found here.