Kinston swears in historic councilmember Chris Suggs

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) – Left hand on the Bible, Chris Suggs and three other elected officials were sworn in on Tuesday in Kinston.

Suggs, 21, made history as the youngest person on the city council and as the youngest elected official in North Carolina, with 2,433 votes.

“As a young person, I’m excited about making history, but I’m also excited about bringing more young people into the room,” Suggs said. “It’s so important that I’m not the only one, that Kinston isn’t the only city, but that young people fill our town halls, our legislative buildings, our capital buildings, all across the state and country.”

Suggs took a seat where his mother, Kristal Suggs, used to sit for three years as councilmember, next to incumbent Robert Swinson IV who retained his seat.

Kristal Suggs decided not to seek a second four-year term.

Before the four elected officials took an oath of office, Kristal Suggs was recognized for her service.

“The truth is, I followed his [Chris Suggs] lead,” Kristal Suggs said. “He was part of those young people that pushed me to be a greater me and a better me. I’m just excited to see him living out his dream because this is something he has always said he would do from such a young tender age, maybe 10-12.”

Living out his dream, Chris Suggs has an agenda for Kinston.

“As soon as we get back in January, I’m looking forward to selecting a search firm to actually hire the new city manager for the City of Kinston,” Suggs said.

Mayor Don Hardy was re-elected and Antonio Hardy was sworn in as Mayor Pro Tem.

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