Kinston ‘Recovery Together ENC’ mural unveiled

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) -A mural in the east was officially unveiled Sunday in hopes of bettering the community

The Recovery Together ENC mural on 118 East Gordon Street in Kinston serves as a visual representation of the true beauty of recovery in the community.

“Recovery is a really important thing that we need the community to support all of the people who are in recovery,” Adult Recovery Court Administrator Colleen Kosinski said. “This is just a beautiful representation of recovery.”

Recovery Together ENC is a coalition that was made to help people struggling with substance use. Working closely with the court system, they provide treatment, housing, and resources, all managed by 9th District Chief Court Judge Beth Heath who has worked with the coalition for 15 years.

Heath said although it has been a long journey to get to this point, it was worth it to give people in recovery a second chance.

“The justice system can sort of be the infrastructure of that in terms of we got the accountability of the court system but we can bring together community partners,” Heath said.

Artist Seraphim Smith said he was honored to be asked to paint the mural. Being an artist for 25 years Smith is known for many murals across Kinston, and with the question of how to display sobriety on a wall, he attended many substance abuse court cases and said he soon found his answer.

“People become like birds which is kind of symbolic of the freedom that comes with dealing with the individual’s psychological issues or substance use disorder,” Smith said.

The bright and vibrant mural has a code attached to it that connects the community to the proper resources in outlets needed, all with the hope of rebuilding and recovering.

“Our goal is to save lives and that’s really what it’s all about,” Kosinski said. “Substance Use Disorder is a sickness and if we can provide resources we can change lives.”

The coalition is also looking for walls for new murals in Wayne and Greene County.

For more information and resources, you can head to Recovery Together ENC.