Kinston Police cracking down on Vernon Avenue speeding

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) – The Kinston police department is cracking down on speeding on one of the busiest roads in the city.

According to Kinston Police Chief Keith Goyette, drivers going too fast on Vernon Avenue are a common complaint amongst residents.

The Kinston Police Department recently conducted a survey and out of about 26,000 drivers, 15,000 drove within the 35-mph speed limit. Roughly 11,000 drivers were speeding.

Officers will focus on a section of Vernon Avenue that runs from the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd to Hardee Road.

Goyette says the police department doesn’t have any plans to change the 35-mph speed limit.

He hopes the crackdown will remind people to pay attention to how fast they’re going.

“The goal was not to ticket people, we’re not attempting to obtain revenue or anything like that,” Goyette said. “We’re just trying to produce a safe environment for our children and the elderly.

Chief Goyette also clarified that the revenue from getting a ticket in Kinston does not go toward the city, it goes toward the state.

The enforcement effort on Vernon avenue will last about two weeks.

Another speed check will take place on Cary road, extending from Rouse Rd. to Plaza Blvd. starting in about two weeks.