Kill Devil Hills woman scammed out of $29,000 from fake FTC agents

KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. (WITN) – A woman on the Outer Banks was scammed out of $29,000 earlier this month, according to police.

Kill Devil Hills police say the 70-year-old resident was browsing the internet when a pop-up appeared warning her of a virus and to call l (877) 659-4753 or (877) 594-1055.

She did which led her to speak with two people impersonating Federal Trade Commission officers, one claiming the name ‘Jason Roy’. The police department said these scammers tricked her about an ongoing investigation that she needed to comply with and would have to send $29,000 to them through Bitcoin.

The victim’s bank says there is no way to recover her loss and that the police department can not track who was sent this money either.

Police want to caution everyone to be on guard for any potential scams they receive or any suspicious activities a person-at-risk, like a senior citizen, might be taking to fall prey to them.

Cyber crimes/fraud can be reported online to the FBI at