‘Kid’ around with goats in Eastern Carolina

LUCAMA, N.C. (WITN) – From the farm to your yoga pose, Sarah Ratley’s gaggle of goats are bringing Eastern Carolina flair to fall fun.

At The Painted Farmer in Lucama, Ratley has coaxed her goats into being the perfect party guests.

She restored a 100-year-old barn into a warm and inviting venue that now hosts hundreds of visitors each month.

Goats offer a specialized service that traditional therapy animals cannot.

Some have fears of or allergies to cats and dogs, so goats are a proper alternative.

Ratley’s crew is laid back and approachable, making time with kids a breeze.

Whether you are looking to paint with goats or stretch out your body with them, The Painted Farmer has upcoming events through the fall season.

Find more information on their website or on the farm’s Facebook page.

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