“Keep Pitt Green” campaign warns of dangers hiding in lawn care products

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – A public service campaign in the east is being used to educate the people on the safe and proper use of lawn care products and offer possible alternatives to more dangerous or harmful products that they might not know about.

Officials in Pitt County say that the goal of Keep Pitt Green is to highlight the misuse of lawn care products like those that contain the chemical Glyphosate, which when incorrectly applied, causes erosion which can lead to property damage and drainage system issues.

“Misuse or overuse of any chemical may cause loss of vegetation, especially on ditch banks, which can impede proper drainage resulting in standing water affecting neighborhoods and business areas,” says Matthew Stevens, Director of Pitt County Cooperative Extension.

“Standing water due to erosion of ditch banks is a breeding ground for mosquitos and other bacteria, raising health concerns for humans and livestock,” says PJ Andrews, Pitt County Soil and Water Director.

Alternatives to Glyphosate include selective herbicides. These products target specific plants like broadleaf weeds, sedges, and grasses.

The PSA, “Keep Pitt Green: Pro Tips for Lawn Care,” can be viewed in a commercial, two-minute long form video or by visiting the county’s Facebook page.

To learn more about Glyphosate and lawn care alternatives, you can call Pitt County Cooperative Extension at (252) 902-1700.