Jim’s First Alert Forecast: Cold days ahead; Upper teens for some

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – High pressure is settling in for many of the Eastern states which will keep us sunny but allow us to get cold. Temperatures will dip to the mi-20s Monday night and as low as the teens Tuesday night. The drop to the teens won’t break any records here in the East but it will be the coldest we’ve gotten in three years.

Rain will stay out of the forecast for most of us through the end of the week. A few showers are possible along the coast on Thursday but otherwise the East remains rain-free until at least the weekend. Right now, our team is watching the chance for rain this weekend, mainly on Sunday.


Sunny, breezy and cold. High 39. Wind: N 10 G 20. Wind Chill: 31.

Tuesday Night

Clear sky and bitter cold. Low 19. Wind: N 5.


Sunny and cold with a high of 49. Wind: SW 5.

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