Jewish residents prepare for Passover

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Many Jewish people all over the world are marking Passover amid the war in Gaza. Here in Eastern Carolina, some spent the weekend preparing for the holiday.

The sounds of chopping and cooking can be found in many Jewish households as they prepare for Passover.

Randy Toran explains the holiday in simple terms. “It is a celebration of the freeing of Israelites and the Hebrews from the Egyptians,” says Toran.

Jordyn VanEpps, an ECU student, says Passover is a relaxing day as Jewish people celebrate being free.

“Today I will be celebrating by making hosting a Seder and I will be making traditional Jewish foods,” says VanEpps.

Along with the Seder – which is a ritual feast that marks the start of Passover – VanEpps says she will be reading the Haggadah which includes blessings, rituals, and information on how the Seder should be performed.

With everything happening in Gaza – VanEpps and Toran are hopeful the community will be kinder to each other.

“Let’s just get along because if not we are just going to keep repeating history as we are seeing it unfolding as we speak,” says Toran.

“I just think we can all use a little bit of kindness and just to treat others with kindness,” says VanEpps.

Toran has a message for people that are celebrating the holiday as well as others in the community

“I would like to wish everyone in this world who is watching this and hopefully we can have a happy Pesach together,” says Toran.

Passover begins tonight at sundown and will last until sundown on Tuesday, April 30.

The second Passover Seder takes place on Tuesday evening.