Jell-O toss for pediatric Maynard Children’s Hospital patients gives a little laugh and stress relief

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Pediatric patients got the chance to have a little fun with their caregivers Tuesday during an annual event that has a little wiggle and a lot of giggles.

“Not only does she have leukemia, she was also diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis in February and had eight surgeries, so for me, there has been a lot of downs,” said Jillian Berntsen, Ella’s mom.

Ella Bernstsen was just 13 when she was diagnosed, spending 8 weeks in the hospital so far. But on Tuesday, she was able to spend time outside while having some fun at the James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital with her fellow patients throwing Jell-O at their caregivers.

“Anything to make them smile, I’ll do it,” said Nurse Abby Coderre.

With handfuls of the sweet treat, kids took the time to get their aim just right.

“Having these moments of happiness are really important,” said Berntsen.

The annual Jell-O toss gives pediatric patients a chance to take a moment and simply be a kid again.

“This is incredibly important for children like Ella who have had long stays here in the hospital. It is really important to get them outside, get them thinking of something other than their diagnosis,” said Berntsen.

Doctors and nurses could volunteer for the event and have some fun while seeing smiles spread across their patients’ faces.