Jacksonville Marine charged with killing his four-month-old baby

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A Marine has been charged in the death of his baby according to the Jacksonville Police Department.

Officers arrested the victim’s father, Christian Mark McGill, who is an active duty Marine.

Officers responded to 123 Zack Circle, Apt. B to a trouble breathing medical call. On arrival, Jacksonville Fire and Emergency Services, Onslow County and EMS and the Jacksonville Police Department performed life saving measures on an unresponsive four-month-old.

Paramedics later pronounced the baby dead on the scene.

On December 31st police released the four-month old’s farther, McGill was arrested leaving neighbors stunned and confused.

“It’s a shame cause ya know it’s just a shame you don’t know what could cause someone to kill their child I couldn’t imagine, little 4-month year old was it accidental, you wonder was it accidental, was it intentional ya know you don’t know what might have been going through his mind” said neighbor, Jamie Vega.

Dawn Rochelle, the CEO of One Place a non-profit that provides resources for families and children needing help with care, education and preventing child abuse – says the best tool to prevent situations like this is to check in on the parents if you see something.

“I think really and truly no matter the resources that we have in Onslow County the best resource is someone that lives next door. It’s someone watching something in a grocery store, parenting is stressful and no matter how prepared you are especially when you have a season like a holiday season happening,” said Dawn Rochelle.

She says simply offering your help can make difference, but you can also call a hotline for help

“You can also obviously dial the national hotline that we now have 988, which is a mental health- if you’re dealing with stress as more families are this time of a year and you just need someone to talk to just reach out,” said Rochelle.

McGill is currently being held in the Onslow County Jail under no bond.

The death investigation is being conducted by the Jacksonville Police Department, District Attorney’s Office and the Naval Criminal Investigative Services.