J.H. Rose student brings hundreds of shoes to kids in need

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – It’s something that so many of us use every day, probably taking them for granted.

But one high schooler in the East led a campaign to bring shoes to kids in need across the world.

Enter Sole2Soul! It’s a charity campaign on a mission to close the gap in access to proper, disease-fighting footwear.

The mission was started by a couple based in Monroe, NC. Instead of waiting for people in need to come to them, the mission meets them where they are with shoes, shelter, food, and prayer.

That mission traveled over J.H. Rose where junior Emma West lead a collection campaign with the help of some teachers.

She says she was inspired by her father to bring the idea up to Kurt Garner and Angie Byrne. The teachers joined forces to help Emma collect more than 850 pairs of shoes.

Some went to communities in West Virginia, others went to communities in Kenya.

Though the bar was set high in this first year’s collection, Emma is already planning for her senior year collection mission and leaving the legacy for another student to carry on.