J.H. Rose high school students take a trip down memory lane

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – All dressed up in cap and gowns, the soon-to-be graduates from J.H. Rose High School were roaming the halls once again at the elementary school where their academic journey started 12 years ago.

The students walked through South Greenville and Eastern Elementary School 17 days before graduation.

Walking down the hallways and the classrooms, the seniors relive their memories of their first friends, first class, first teacher, and so on.

The seniors say they were reminded of how much they’ve grown and how the early lessons have shaped them into the people they are now, and also inspired the kindergartens who looked up to them.

“When I graduate it’s going to make me feel good,” Selina Odeh, a kindergartener at Southern Greenville Elementary School student, said.

Saline Kulas, a graduating senior, says although the walk-through made her feel old, it was a special opportunity.

“Reminisce about all the different things I got to do as a student here and I highly encourage all the other schools to allow their students to go back and go see all the teachers and be able to reminisce because it’s a really cool experience,” Kulas shared.

Kulas and her classmate Nathan Varney had a chance to revisit their eagle box, a community library that was made by Varney’s family, Kulas’s favorite elementary school memory.

They say the walkthrough also showed them what they are leaving behind for the younger students.