Investigation underway following Kinston arrest that’s gone viral on social media

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) – Kinston police say an investigation is underway surrounding a viral video that shows two officers trying to arrest a man.

The apparent video in question was posted on Facebook Friday night and according to Mayor Don Hardy took place at the Jack Roundtree Apartment Complex on Viking Drive.

In the video two Kinston police officers are seen on top of a man who is on his stomach. The video does not show the events that led up to the encounter nor how it was resolved.

One officer punches the man in the side before appearing to try to pull the man’s arm out from under him.

The other officer brings out a taser and uses it on the man’s backside prompting him to sit up and yell, “Why’d you tase me?”

The man then ends up back on his stomach with an officer on top of him.

An officer is heard repeatedly telling the man to put his hands behind his back with the man asking, “What did I do?” and also saying, “I didn’t do anything.”

The same officer who previously punched the man in the side is seen doing so several more times.

The video then ends shortly after.

Mayor Don Hardy acknowledged the video on his own Facebook page:

“I have seen the video footage that is in question that was posted as it relates to an arrest that took place at the Jack Roundtree Apartments Complex. I have spoken with the Chief of Police and the City Manager.

This incident is under review to include all body worn cameras and cameras in the area. Once all the footage is gathered and the investigation is final and as we’re briefed by the Police Chief myself and the city council will be reviewing the totality of circumstances as to the nature of the call, proper charges and the amount of force used to effect the arrest in this this particular incident. If you have any further questions or concerns as it relates to this incident prior to please make contact with the Chief of Police with questions or statements in which you would like to give. THIS INVESTIGATION IS CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW!!”

Kinston police also acknowledged the video, saying on their Facebook page that it is aware of it and the use of force. They say the events are being investigated.