Investigation continues into deadly apartment shooting in Warsaw

WARSAW, N.C. (WITN) – Warsaw Police continue to investigate a shooting at an apartment complex Monday night where two people were killed.

Police responded to a report of shots fired at Tanglewood Apartments at the intersection of Yancey and Matthews street, Monday night and found 4 people in a vehicle.

Two of the victims were pronounced dead on the scene. The two other victims were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Warsaw police told Tanglewood property management none of the people involved in the shooting were residents of the apartment complex.

Stray bullets went through the windows and into the vinyl siding of several buildings in the complex. Residents say the car with the two victims crashed into a parked car in the complex after shots were fired.

The parked car had severe damage to the passenger doors.

People in town reacted saying, “I mean it’s the holidays you know? I mean how do you explain to the families? I mean like I said I don’t know the full situation but, I just pray for the families and I pray for the people that are in the hospital that everything pulls through for them,” said Melissa Murphy, a resident in Warsaw.

The State Bureau of Investigation is assisting in the investigation. . Warsaw police are asking anyone with additional information to contact the Warsaw police department at 910-293-7816.

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