Income based apartments in Jacksonville address housing shortage

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Members of the NC General Assembly were in the east Friday trying to provide solutions for income-based housing.

Republican State Senator Michael Lazarra of Onslow County presented a $239,400 check to property management at Springfield Park Apartments during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the apartments which are part of the state workforce housing loan program.

The 80-unit development is designed to cater to workforce incomes within the city of Jacksonville.

It comes at a controversial time as Lazzara and several other officials and community members spoke about the scarcity of affordable housing within city limits.

With the recent controversy surrounding living conditions and tenant accusations of unlawful evictions, officials say this is a step in the right direction, but much more progress is needed.

Lazzara says, “Think about affordable housing you don’t think about this now it is one of our biggest challenges and the problem is is that we’re really behind so we need those units now.”

Tracy Jackson with Neighbor Improvement Services says, “You’re talking about people who usually are CNA’s teacher aides, people who are disabled they need to have some peer support they’re different levels of types of affordable housing and there’s a shortage of all facets of affordable housing here in the city of Jacksonville.”

Jackson says several affordable housing complexes are in the construction process including a 72-unit complex next to Springfield Park, and a complex on Gum Branch Road.