Impacts on ENC businesses from TikTok ban bill

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Bella Maddison is a local boutique in Greenville that launched its TikTok account in 2022 to promote its business.

One of their most viral videos has more than 260,000 views and one of the items highlighted in the video sold out.

“We try to get out to our community as much as we can not just in Greenville and surrounding areas but to reach that many people from around the world is awesome,” Daniella Allen, the local boutique owner explained.

Caroline Crockett is the employee who created that viral video. She says TikTok has been their main social media platform.

Wednesday morning, President Biden signed the bill that gives TikTok’s parent company ByteDance 270 days to sell the app.

Crockett says they would have to find other ways of advertising and connecting with their audience.

“I definitely think that the TikTok platform is way easier to figure out. I’ve never filmed anything on Instagram reels so I’m not sure how that works, I think it’s the most similar but other than that, Instagram stories,” Crockett said.

TikTok has been through a rocky journey due to its ties to the Chinese company ByteDance.

The U.S. government has raised concerns about the possibility of the app sharing its data about U.S. users and the potential to manipulate the algorithm to advance Chinese propaganda, according to NBC news.

If ByteDance doesn’t sell, TikTok will be banned.

Congressman Don Davis says this aligns with his views.

“I will continue to prioritize our national security and that has been reflected in my vote,” Davis shared.

This bill was part of the $95 billion national security package that provides aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.