Hyde County lodge celebrates upcoming renovations

SWAN QUARTER, N.C. (WITN) – After a lodge here in the east shut its doors 20 years ago, many residents thought it would be closed for good until new plans were announced with the hopes of reopening.

Years in the making the historic Mattamuskeet Lodge is soon to be back and better than ever. Tuesday, the upcoming renovations to the over 100-year-old lodge were celebrated at 1 Mattamuskeet Road in Swan Quarter. What used to be a pumping station in the 1900′s is now a dazzling lodge that sits on the river.

“We’ve been working on this for years and it’s going to be so important for the people that live here and so many people across eastern North Carolina and the whole state,” Hyde County Manager Kris Cahoon Noble said.

Hyde County is preparing to lease the lodge from the Wildlife Resources Commission for 30 years to help bring the beautiful attraction back to what it once was.

The new renovations are set to include retail shops, offices, cultural events, and a museum for residents and tourists after $6.5 million was given to the restoration.

Wildlife Resources Commissioner Kelly Davis said that due to the generous funding, the historic lodge will help bring in more money for the county.

“Outside of the lodge budget, it’s expected to generate somewhere between $8 million and $20 million a year once it’s open and people are coming here you know spin off benefits to local Airbnb’s, hotels, restaurants, food trucks, gas stations, groceries, stuff like that,” Davis said.

After being condemned 20 years ago, Hyde County Board of Commissioner’s chairman Earl Pugh said many residents were left with nowhere to go for gatherings.

“Hyde County doesn’t really have anywhere where people can come and have events, so this will open that up for the community again as it did in the past,” Pugh said.

Now if the goal of returning to being the focal point of the community, the steps to reopening seem closer than before.

“We’re rolling up our sleeves though,” Davis said. “We’re ready.”

Although it will take two to three years to fully bring the lodge back to its glory, Noble says engineers and architects have been again working and are ready to make it the hub for residents once again.