How police in the East look at planning for big crowds after KC shooting

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A celebration of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory was interrupted by the sound of gunfire Wednesday. Those terrifying moments have renewed a sense of fear many have about heading to an event with a large crowd.

“Parades, rallies, schools, movies.. it seems like almost nothing is safe,” said Quinton Lucas, the Kansas City Mayor.

Here in the East, ECU tailgates, festivals, and even Halloween weekend draw large numbers.

Greenville Police Major Richard Tyndall says that with any large gathering, security is normally present.

“We rely on local partners, even state and federal if the event is big enough,” said Tyndall

Tyndall has had various roles within the police department, many of them for large-scale events. He says there’s a lot of planning that goes into keeping people safe.

“Everything we know of, we plan, we try to make sure we have the right people in place, the tools we need, and utilizing our public safety cameras when we need to,” said Major Tyndall.

With some of the events, like Halloween, Greenville will add extra security.

“In the past, for instance, we have done inspection stations to check people for weapons, contraband, stuff like that,” said Major Tyndall. Even still, some feel the need to be on high alert.

“What I usually try to do is just look around and see if the environment is safe and be as vigilant as I can be,” said Lowie Kelly, ECU Senior.

However, Greenville PD says if you see something, say something – no matter how big or small. That way, they can intervene if needed.