High school closes after increased sickness for students and staff

WASHINGTON COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Washington County High School is closed to both students and staff, allowing custodians inside to clean with special chemicals. “It’s just a safety concern,” said Washington County Schools Chief Personnel Officer Michael Yancey

According to Yancey, almost two-thirds of the staff is sick, and while the county did not provide an exact number of students, the communications coordinator said it was relatively large for each class.

The custodians are supposed to deep clean every surface in the classrooms, cafeteria, and on buses. One former student says he feels more can be done.

“It’s insane, it’s insane all this taxpayer money and nothing goes to the children or taking care of our education system,” said Washington County High Schoolers former student Austin Johnson.

While the public information officer said they would prefer to have the school stay open, it’s not best for students or staff.

“We would love for all of our students to be present in school, but if they’re sick, they really won’t have the opportunity to get the best instruction during that time,” said Washington County Schools PIO Terri Gallop.

But they should be back in classes after the weekend. The school will welcome both students and staff back on Monday to give those who are sick proper time to rest and allow the cleaning chemicals time to kill any germs.

WITN also was told we were not allowed inside the school to see what they were doing to clean it.