Heart-wrenching 911 call with mother released of 12-year-old shot, killed

LENOIR COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – A mother called Lenoir County 911 last week, telling them that her 12-year-old son had been accidentally shot.

Lenoir County today released the 911 call for the shooting of Za’Dok Clark, six days after WITN first requested it.

The student at Contentnea-Savannah K-8 School died in the Thursday night shooting at the family’s home on Dean Drive.

“He’s barely breathing, he’s barely breathing,” said the mother. “OK, give me one second. They’re already on the way, ok?”, said 911. “Get someone fast. He’s in the backyard. He’s on the ground,” she told the dispatcher.

Deputies say Za’Dok’s 22-year-old brother shot the child.

“He is shot in the chest,” the mother told 911. “He was shot in the chest? Is the person who did this still there,” asks 911. “My son, it was an accident,” the mother responded.

On the call, you can hear the mother pleading for her son to wake up and asking others if he is still breathing. At one point you can hear the frustration in the mother’s voice. “Lord have mercy, Jesus,” she said.

Several times on the seven-minute call the mother asks how much longer before help arrives. 911 tells her they are coming as fast as they can.

“That’s my baby, he’s 12 years old, you need to hurry up,” says the mother. “I understand ma’am and I know you’re scared,” the 911 operator responded.

A few minutes later, you can hear the mother yell “Down here, down here”, an indication that first responders had arrived.

The sheriff’s office says the investigation into the shooting is not yet complete.

Za’Dok will be laid to rest on Saturday after a 1:00 p.m. service at the United American Free Will Tabernacle on Reddick Circle in Kinston.

The family continues to raise money to help with the cost of the child’s funeral through a GoFundMe page.