Heart for ENC assists local nonprofits to better serve the community

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – One organization in the East is committed to helping local nonprofits further their mission of bettering ENC communities.

The Heart for ENC central building at 14th and Evans Street in Greenville is hard to miss. The building holds 18 local nonprofits that contribute to ENC communities.

Sid Bradsher, Heart for ENC Executive Director, says that serving is their main goal. “Over the years, we’ve been able to find more organizations, find more ways to save money, and to share resources, and really begin a community of nonprofits working together.”

18 nonprofits are operating under the same roof with features like training and event spaces, conference rooms, discounted networked copying services, and even a delicious cup of coffee and treats.

Carol Preston, Awaken Coffee Co-Founder and President says, “My world was pretty small until I started this. There are a lot of non-profits that are doing a lot of good in Greenville.”

Some nonprofits are serving youth, recovering addicts, cancer patients, and everyone in between who make up the ENC community.

“I love working in this building with other nonprofits. To me, the biggest blessing is just the encouragement of working with other people,” says Pitt County Young Life Area Director, Austin Robertshaw.

Bradsher also told WITN that it’s been a privilege to watch the work of each nonprofit over the years. “Doing our own things but also being together, knowing each other so it’s just been fun to watch that develop over the years and it’s just becoming a pretty neat thing.”

Mike Dixon, LIFE Ministries Founder and Director agreed. “An honor. We moved in the first of November and have been able to connect with so many other local non-profits in this building, it’s just a blessing.”

Robertshaw says working together with other nonprofits contributes to the goal of Heart for ENC. “Oftentimes in ministry or the non-profit world, you can feel isolated and alone and feel like you’re the only one that’s trying to make a difference and it’s just encouraging, walking in the doors every day and seeing other people that are in the mission and work as well.”

The Heart for ENC central building is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

Awaken Coffee, one of the nonprofits in the building, is open Wednesday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. but is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Each nonprofit also holds events unique to each of its services.

You can find a full list of each of the 18 nonprofits and what they offer on the Heart for ENC website.