Havelock says bank now owns public nuisance; pledges cleanup

HAVELOCK, N.C. (WITN) – A bank now owns a house in Havelock that neighbors say is an eyesore and a nuisance.

Last week, WITN reported on the home on Stratford Road.

The home had trash and personal belongings scattered in the yard. Neighbors said they complained to the city, but nothing was done.

The same day WITN started asking questions about the home’s condition, the city issued an abatement complaint violation to the owners. It declared the property a public nuisance and gave the owner 10 days to clean up the mess.

Now, Havelock says the property has been foreclosed, and the bank is taking legal action to gain possession of the house.

Once that happens, the property will be cleaned up, according to the city.