Gun safety becomes forefront of conversation after two accidental shootings

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – On January 5th, the unimaginable happened after a Lenoir County toddler got ahold of a gun and shot this teenage sibling. Then, just nine days later, also in Lenoir County, a three-year-old accidentally fatally shot himself.

“There’s a misconception that a small child wouldn’t be able to pull a trigger on a firearm, and that’s just not true,” said Major Jeremy Hewitt with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

But something simple like using a gun lock can prevent them from firing. “It’s very important that parents, grandparents, anybody that’s gonna have small children around secure their weapons,” said Hewitt.

Lindsey Grady the Chief Marketing Officer at Carolina Caliber Company said it is required by law for manufacturers to provide a gun lock with a new handgun.

“If they do not act responsibly, and put into place of things that are handed to them, and given to them, and encourage them by law for safety, they’re risking safety,” said Grady.

As a new mother herself, she understands the importance of securing guns. “Yeah, it’s definitely a fear, but I also believe in exposing your children early because curiosity is what killed the cat. That’s my theory. That’s how I feel about it, and I truly believe at an appropriate age to know what guns can do,” said Grady.

At Carolina Caliber, they also provide gun locks to those who buy a pre-owned gun and give pamphlets on the laws surrounding youth handgun safety.