‘Greenville Unplugged’ gaming convention returns with more fun

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – ‘Greenville Unplugged’ was back and better than ever with double the space, days, and events, giving all gamers the chance to play on!

Saturday and Sunday, traders, gamers, and families came out to the Greenville Convention Center to play competitive games, trade, buy, and have a good time with food trucks and music.

“All the vendors are here,” attendee Perry Kraker said. “There’s so much to do, so much to see, you just have to come.”

It is all for a good cause as the money raised goes to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with a goal of $10,000. Many gamers like Charles Johnson drove hours to attend this event and said it was a time for them to be able to relax.

“To see a variety of different people who play different card games come under one roof, I think it’s really great,” Johnson said.

Unplugged Games, an online card trading business, was the host of the event. CEO and co-founder Dillion Rogers said he wanted to create a space for collectors, players, and vendors in person, something COVID-19 slowed down.

“We took it as an opportunity,” Rodgers said. “Let’s give them the venue, let’s open up something ourselves for the community to get all of the stuff they’ve accumulated and do something with it and enjoy it like it should be enjoyed and not just through a screen.”

Despite COVID slowing down in-person gaming, owner Harry Frank of Blue Ox Games, a gaming store in Greenville, and the headliners of the event said that many people now had the time to get involved in card games again.

“A lot of people rediscovered that love for all things they collected when they were younger but also the ability to have a game that you can sit at home to play with your family or your close knit of friends that you were sheltering with,” Frank said.

Now the convention center is welcoming new gamers with open arms.

“It’s really great for us here at the convention center because of COVID-19, we went so long with people being scared to have these fun events and getting together,” Greenville Convention Center’s Social Marketing Sales Manager Delaina Rodgers said. “So it’s really nice to see people in the building again just having fun and strangers getting together to know each other, it’s fantastic to see that again.”