Greenville Target secret peeping victim speaks out

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A Pitt County woman is now sharing her story after a disturbing interaction Monday at Greenville’s Target.

It’s a post that got a lot of attention on Facebook, showing a man placing his phone under a woman’s skirt.

“No matter how much you try to think you’re going to be prepared for it, it kind of throws you through a loop when it actually happens,” the woman said.

A video shot by a shopper shows the woman, who asked WITN to not identify her, kneeling down in an aisle. Then, what appears to be 21-year-old Thomas Elliot, bends down right beside her.

“I decided to get up and scoot over and then at this point I was not focusing on what I was trying to buy anymore,” the woman said. “I was more distracted by him still lingering in the area.”

Even after moving, the woman says he took a different approach as he crouches down behind the woman, and places his phone under her skirt.

The woman videotaping had seen enough and decided to confront Elliot. Following an exchange of words, police are called and Elliot is charged with felony secret peeping.

According to police, they’re checking his cell phone to see if there are any sexual activities involving children on it after it was discovered that he was a volunteer at Eastern Elementary School.

“As a woman, it’s concerning and sickening to watch truthfully,” Greenville Police Spokesperson Kristen Hunter said. “We do applaud the woman for capturing this on video and confronting the suspect.”

The woman said she decided to speak up to share her experience hoping to bring light to a dangerous trend, so everyone knows what to do if caught in this situation.

“I think the key takeaways are being aware of your surroundings at all times, trusting that gut feeling, and speaking up when you feel some things are off,” Hunter said.