Greenville promotes active mobility

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – One Eastern Carolina city is gearing up for a more active future by upgrading its streetscape to promote active mobility.

New bike racks have been installed in Greenville’s downtown area to provide more consistent, visible, and secure options and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you enjoy biking or riding a scooter, you can now securely lock up your ride at six new locations with 13 bike racks provided by the city. The new bike racks are placed throughout the downtown area at spots that include the Sheppard Memorial Library, Backstage Coffee on Greene Street, Greenville Town Common restrooms, the bridge, the corner of 4th and Evans, and the North entrance of the 4th Street parking deck.

It even attracts those who do not live right here in Greenville.

“It is beneficial! One, I am a biker. I ride bikes. We are not from here but if we were from here I would do a lot of riding around here! Plus, there’s a bike shop right down the road here,” Cyclist, Brad Sheffer said.

According to the Greenville Multimodal Transportation Vice Chair Dr. Katherine Dale, anyone biking downtown in the past only had access to a few hard-to-find and difficult-to-use bike racks. But now, increasing the number of standardized bike parking options makes cycling a more viable transportation option.

“You have the college right here and there are a lot of people who ride their bikes, save on gas,” Sheffer said.

Experts say opting for biking, scootering, or walking rather than driving has many benefits, including less traffic, decreased noise/air pollution and not to mention a great means of exercise and it is fun!

A spokesperson for Downtown Greenville says this project did not cost the city anything, it was privately funded through ENC Alliance.