Greenville offers a unique screened-in camping platform

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A park in Greenville offers a screened-in camping platform where you can immerse yourself in the unique eastern Carolina habitat, but stay safe from bugs and weather conditions.

Through the rocky trails and tall pine trees, various outdoor activities await at Greenville’s Wildwood Park, which is what brought Joshua Anderson to the park with his new bike.

“We rarely have anything to do around here so we just come here to have fun,” Anderson said.

Along with enjoying the bike course with his dad, there is another part of the park that grabbed Anderson’s attention, and his mom was on board with it as well.

“We went over there and we found a campsite and she said we can sometimes camp there,” Anderson added.

With the spring season on the way, parks program assistant Ben Thompson says now is the best time for camping, along with fall.

“We do have quite a bit of biodiversity here in Eastern North Carolina and this is a good place to see some of that. We have such a unique habitat here in the city limits so that is one thing that makes this park really cool and a good place to camp,” Anderson explained.

Aside from River Park North, this is the only screened-in camp platform in the city, safe from bugs and weather conditions.

Activities like fishing, walking trails, and kayaking can be enjoyed and visitors can paddle throughout the Tar River.

The camping site could potentially add more tent sites but they don’t have plans to add any more of the screened-in platforms.

Reservations are made at the welcome center.