Greenville Museum of Art hosts 2024 Family Super Game Day

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Families in the east gathered to participate in friendly competition at the Greenville Museum of Art on Saturday.

The event featured amazing choices of games that catered to all tastes and preferences.

From classic board games to popular video games, there was something for everyone.

Sim Asher, Communication and Event Coordinator, says the event attracts kids of all ages…even adults.

“It’s really fun to see people sort of tap into their memories or nostalgia and also show their kids or whoever they’re bringing some of the games they grew up on” says Asher.

The owner of Blue Ox Games Harry Frank has participated for several years and says it’s rewarding to be able to bring families together.

“It’s honesty just seeing people from different backgrounds coming together about one thing gaming and having fun” says Frank.

Arietta Cammatra says she had a great time playing her favorite game Super Mario Brothers and plans to return again next year.

“We are just going around playing games but it’s super fun” says Cammatra.

The celebration continues tonight at the GMOA for the 21 and up crowd.