Greenville mother speaks out four years after her son’s murder in Uptown

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN)- Four years after Raekwon Moore lost his life after being stabbed during an altercation in Uptown, his mother continues to seek justice.

“It’s hard because I just feel like he’s not going to rest until I do something,” said Latavia Little, Moore’s mother. “He always said, well mom you know I can’t sleep until you get home so it’s like I feel like I can’t sleep until something’s done.”

On Saturday night, October 13th, 2018, Greenville police say they arrived to the area of 5th and Evans street after reports about a fight between a group of men. Police found 22-year-old Moore suffering from a stab wound, which he later died from.

After gathering video evidence, Greenville police say they believe that Moore and several other people in an SUV began to exchange words with Abdullah Hariri and Sultan Al-Syhamymi, who were walking the street.

Police say Moore and four people then got out of the vehicle and assaulted both men and during the altercation, Al-Syhamymi stabbed Moore. At first, the death was being investigated as self-defense, but a grand jury then indicted the two for murder. By that time, police say both men had fled the country.

“I asked them why did y’all let them go and they told me, one didn’t speak English and the other asked for a lawyer,” Little said. “I felt like that wasn’t fair to my son, basically y’all got the first story and y’all ran with it and put my son on the news as if he started the whole situation, which he didn’t.”

Little believes that Greenville police mishandled the investigation of her son’s death, however, Greenville police spokesperson Kristen Hunter released a statement that reads:

“Based on the evidence we were able to gather, including video of the incident, detectives believe Moore was traveling in an SUV with other individuals when they rolled down the windows and exchanged words with Abdullah Hariri and Sultan Al-Syhamymi, who were walking down the street. Moore and four other individuals exited the vehicle in the area of 5th Street and Evans Street and began assaulting Hariri and Al-Suhaymi. During the dispute, Al-Suhaymi stabbed Moore. Hariri and Al-Syhamymi left the scene; however, they were located by police within a few blocks and taken into custody for police questioning. Major Crimes detectives consulted with the District Attorney at the time and a decision was made to release Hariri and Al-Syhamymi due to the fact it was being investigated as a potential self-defense case. the case was ultimately brought before a grand jury several months later. the grand jury indicted Hariri and Al-Syhaymi on the murder charges at that time. both had already left the country. GPD had no involvement or influence in that decision, and no way of knowing or predicting what the grand jury would ultimately decide months later. at the time we believe the suspects to have left the country, they were not facing any charges.”

Little says that Moore would frequently visit the uptown area to record music videos, which makes his death tough to process.

“He loved downtown for what reason I didn’t know,” Little said. “I used to always tell him stay from down there but he loved music so a lot of his videos, he liked to record them downtown. It’s just unfortunate that’s where he ended his life. That’s what’s hurting the most because he needs justice for that, for an area that he loved and visited the most and you all are covering up his murder.”

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