Greenville mother frustrated as her daughter’s Jan. shooting case remains without leads

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A Greenville mother is begging for answers after she says her daughter was shot in the leg while inside her home. It happened earlier this month on Kennedy Circle.

That’s the same area was where two people were shot, leading to a lockdown at two nearby schools earlier this week.

Back in June of 2022, a teen was murdered on Kennedy Circle as well.

Not long before that, three people were arrested after two drug raids, one of which happened at a home on that street.

And in 2019, two teens were murdered in a double shooting on Kennedy Circle.

Turning back now to the mother we mentioned. No one has been arrested in her daughter’s shooting. WITN talked to Greenville Police Chief Ted Sauls and the mother to learn more.

“She’s scared to come out; she’s scared to just be anywhere,” said Theresa Lynn. Lynn is talking about her 22-year-old daughter, Antonya Senior, who she says lives in fear after she was shot in the leg while inside her mother’s home.

“My daughter was shot January 5th in Kearney Park Apartment, an innocent bystander in her own home, minding her own business,” said Lynn.

“The first bullet came through my front door, it came through the metal screen door, through the metal front door, through the wall underneath the TV, through the refrigerator, out the front of the refrigerator, and shot her in the back of the leg,” Lynn explained. “It came through her leg. They found the bullet in the kitchen into the wall.”

Lynn says Senior continues to suffer based on what happened that day.

“Every day I try to figure out what I can do to make it better for her, and I can’t come up with anything because she’s traumatized,” said Lynn. “One minute she’s okay and then another minute she’s not.”

Despite more than a month passing, no arrests have been made in the case. Lynn feels more progress should have been made by now.

“It bothered me because it hasn’t been talked about. Nobody has said anything about it. The detective came out, took a few notes,” said Lynn. “They don’t have any idea who did this to her, and it’s just not sitting right with me.”

We sat down with police to find out where the case stands now.

“We’re about a month in now, and this is still what we consider very early stages of the investigation,” said Greenville Police Chief Ted Sauls.

While they don’t have any leads in the case right now, they say are working on it.

“We’re looking at all the individuals that we know of that were involved in the incident that occurred across the street and going door to door from there,” said Sauls. “We have been conducting interviews within the community. We have reviewed all our camera footage.”

He says Lynn and anyone else can contact police if they feel any stones are left unturned.

“When you are the victim, you expect things to be done on a certain timeline, a certain chronology, and I get that,” Sauls said. “But if you have those questions, please ask.”

Meanwhile, Lynn is determined for justice to be dealt.

“It’s just not fair that we don’t know who did this because I want them to pay for it,” she said.

Chief Sauls says they have reached out to set up a meeting with Lynn and her daughter to talk about the case.