Greenville Fire/Rescue introduces new ambulances

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Drivers in Greenville may notice a little more red out on the roads soon. That’s because Greenville Fire/Rescue is introducing brand new ambulances.

Not only was it time to replace some old ones, but there are also new safety features. WITN talked to fire crews Thursday who explained the importance of the upgrade.

Sure, they look shiny, clean, and new, but the new ambulances are also filled with life-saving equipment.

“We’ve been waiting on these anxiously for quite a while,” Greenville Fire/Rescue Chief Carson Sanders said.

They’ve been waiting almost two years, to be exact due to supply chain issues that made what’s usually a year of waiting much longer.

“They’re finally here, and they couldn’t look nicer,” Sanders said with a smile.

Greenville Fire/Rescue will start introducing four of these red ambulances over the next few weeks. The color is meant to show cohesion between the EMT side of what they do and firefighting. Cabinets inside the vehicles will soon be filled with everything crews need to not just take someone where they need to go, but also treat them at the scene.

“EMS has changed a lot over the last decade or so, and there’s a lot more of the patients being treated in the field by the paramedics and EMTs versus what you remember the rushing to the hospital,” Sanders explained. “It’s also why you see ambulances and emergency vehicles not going emergency, lights, and sirens as much, because we’re capable of doing a lot more out in the field.”

These will soon be filled with everything from diagnostic equipment to something simple, but important, like sliding doors, instead of ones that swing open.

“One of the main components of being able to open the door is you don’t have the door sliding out as far as getting out curbside, you don’t have doors swinging out. You don’t have people coming to hit you,” Battalion Chief of Logistics Jeremy Cleaton said.

It is the little details, down to making light strips diagonal, making them easier to see.

“In this one, you’ll see there’s a lot more light. It’s got different colors and patterns all over it, and they’re also angled,” Sanders explained, gesturing at the lights on the back of the vehicle.

Being there to help patients, when seconds matter most.

There are four of these new, red ambulances. You’ll start seeing them out on the roads in about two weeks.

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