Greenville ENC Alliance and Livability partner to launch print magazine showcasing Pitt County

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – A new partnership in the East is working to highlight Pitt County and the opportunities the area has to offer.

Greenville ENC Alliance and Livability Magazine have launched a new print magazine as a tool to showcase Pitt County as a premiere place to live, work, and visit.

Josh Lewis, Greenville ENC Alliance President and CEO, says “We’re partnering with Livability Magazine which is a publication that is super important to some of our goals. They track and rank communities, they put out publications about the news, and the quality of life that certain communities possess. We want to make sure we’re highlighted in their publication and make sure our story is getting out.”

The main goal is to showcase the outstanding quality of life that ENC has to offer for both families moving to the area as well as organizations and businesses already in Pitt County and beyond.

Morgan May, Humane Society of Eastern Carolina Assistant Director, says “It really highlights some of the best parts of Greenville. There is so much going on, especially when you’re new to this area, it’s hard to know what’s good and know what’s going on so it really highlights the little gems of Greenville that a lot of people don’t know about. My hometown of Grimesland is a part of it which I was actually really surprised to see.”

The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina is just one of many organizations in the print. “A lot of the things we do are by word of mouth. We can promote all day, every day but the more people share and tell their friends, the more people know the more fosters that we have, and the more lives we’re able to save. The more people that come to Greenville the better our economy is, it also helps us being that we are 100% donation-based. That does help support us,” May told WITN.

Some of the articles mentioned in this year’s copy are ‘Reasons to move to Greenville right now’, ‘Finding ways to get connected in the Pitt County area’, as well as ‘Where the best places to live in the area are’.

For more information on this year’s print and access to the digital magazine, visit the Livability website.