Greenville community reflects on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was widely celebrated throughout the east Monday, and people’s gratitude for his sacrifices was one of the many things expressed in Greenville.

“If he didn’t march for whites, blacks, and all other races we wouldn’t be where we are today,” said Janiyah Slade, Greenville resident.

To call Dr. King a civil rights pioneer would be an understatement as his unwavering push for equal rights spanned over thirty years, contributing to a more diverse world.

“I’m very pleased because we weren’t there,” said Acolia Conely, Greenville resident. “It took us a while to get there. We couldn’t even use the same restrooms, couldn’t sit in the same restaurants.”

“We can all get together and have fun with each other now,” said Trevyn Knight, Greenville resident.

Whether it was long marches or sit-ins, Dr. King’s mission remained the same.

Although his life was sadly taken 56 years ago, some feel he died fighting for what he believed in.

“Martin Luther King fought so hard for all of this,” Conley said. “I’m sorry he didn’t live to see it, but at least he’s in Heaven seeing his dream come true.”

Dr. King’s impacts spread far and wide as many believe his advocacy created everlasting change.

“If we don’t make those changes, if we don’t make those big steps then nothing changes,” said Ava Stewart, ECU student. “Change is a good thing and people should evolve with the world.”

Who knew that he’d be the only non-president with his birthday as a federal holiday?