Greenville community displays its Christmas spirit at fun and diverse holiday event

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -As we get closer and closer to Christmas, communities around the east continue to show their love for the holiday.

“I know it’s the holidays and a lot of students are gone, but you’ll see people from the community all coming together,” said Kevin Sutton, Greenville resident. “I’m not used to that.”

“I think there’s a wonderful community here that comes together from all walks of life and all different cultures,” said John Tennison, Greenville resident.

It was a holly jolly Friday night at the Greenville Museum of Art, as people showed their holiday cheer at the Merry Mixer.

The holiday event featured fun for everyone. There was tasty hot chocolate for the kids to sip on, while the grown-ups enjoyed adult beverages.

Several bands soothed people’s ears with essential Christmas tunes as well.

The event also provided diversity, as many were mesmerized by all the unique art but, everyone lit up even more once Mr. Claus arrived.

“Good ole Saint Nick bringing out the holiday spirit,” Tennison said.

The Christmas spirit on display at the Greenville Museum of Art is what makes the communities in Eastern Carolina so special, especially around the holidays.