Greenville City Council continues discussion surrounding ordinance that allows cryptocurrency mining

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Greenville City Council met Monday afternoon, as they continue discussing the pros and cons of an ordinance allowing cryptocurrency mining in the city limits.

It was no secret how some people in Greenville, felt about the topic of cryptocurrency mining at the city council workshop.

“We really don’t want crypto mining noise to come into our community,” said concerned resident, Walter Fields.

There’s an ordinance that would allow a cryptocurrency company to operate within the city limits, but there’s been pushback from some city council members and residents.

Councilwoman Marion Blackburn has continuously voiced displeasure with the ordinance that was voted on by a previous council in 2022.

During the workshop, Blackburn discussed adopting a moratorium on modular data processing to potentially lessen the chances of crypto mining happening, but Mayor PJ Connelly wasn’t sold on the idea as he says there are no companies inquiring about this kind of business in the city.

“Nobody wants to come here,” Connelly said. “There’s no locations that we can feasibly come up with that can be located inside the city limits of Greenville so I don’t know why we keep bringing this up over and over.”

“I think that far from being an over or moot issue, this is an issue that continues to have importance for our community,” Blackburn said.

The concern surrounding cryptocurrency mining started in 2022, when a company named Compute North wanted to set up a modular data processing before it failed but just like then, many people still believe it would be harmful.

“As long as they’re concerned about it, it’s important and the topic shouldn’t die,” said Greenville Councilwoman, Tonya Foreman.

The council held off on making any decisions and will revisit the topic at next month’s council meeting so that the public can voice their opinions about what they feel the council should do.

Blackburn says the council needs to get moving on the decision-making process because the crypto market is rising again.