Greenville City Council approves ordinance on illegal use of downtown dumpsters

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Those who use downtown dumpsters and trash cans without permission could be fined under a new ordinance passed by Greenville City Council Thursday night.

The vote in favor of the ordinance was unanimous, 6-0.

City councilman Matthew Scully, also a business owner, says cans are provided by independent contractors for business owners and people living nearby to use, but others seem to be taking advantage.

Scully says, “Dumpsters downtown they have been abused by some operators downtown some individual residents, we are really trying to make sure people that are using the dumpster are paying for the dumpsters and what happens is people that are not signed up to use them are putting their stuff in there and they are getting overflowed and going on to the ground and causing a real problem for everybody, it’s a health concern cause it’s really dirty, attracts pests and other animals and just looks really bad.”

Uptown Brewery Coffee cart manager Sydney Gray is concerned it could get worse as the weather heats up leaving a rotten smell in the area.

“It’s a bad thing because if there’s an overflow of the garbage it’s not only going to have garbage more on the streets which makes more people not want to come down, not want to get business but also may cause some smells and especially for businesses who are all outside that would really affect a my people coming by but also my overall enjoy being outside,” says Gray.

The City of Greenville will start reviewing their security camera footage for any unauthorized use of the garage bins, but Nash Hot Chicken co-owner Ryan Griffin is not sure that the cameras will solve the problem.

“Who knows, I think cameras can may be be a deterrent but people are still going to do what they wanna do. I think more receptacles around town maybe you know but I don’t claim to know all the answers I know that we just got to try to do a little bit better with the trash,” says Griffin.

The ordinance includes both civil and criminal penalties. Civil fines begin at $100.00 for a first violation and increase to $250.00 for a second violation and $500.00 for three or more violations.