Greenville church celebrates Easter

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – On Easter Sunday, many people throughout Eastern Carolina celebrated in multiple ways, ranging from easter egg hunts to church services.

“Easter is the biggest thing,” Unity Church Student Pastor Jorden Hoffman said. “It’s the biggest celebration ever.”

Many spent the day celebrating with friends and family, but hundreds began the day at Unity Church in Greenville to focus on what the holiday is all about.

“Easter is the most significant event in human history,” Unity Church Lead Pastor Jeff Manning said. “It’s the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

The community joined together to sing and listen as Manning spoke about Easter. He said it can be easy to lose sight of the day’s true meaning.

“You can have Easter egg hunts, and we had one of those last weekend for our kids, but the main thing is to worship and to exalt Christ, and to praise him for what he did,” Manning said.

Throughout the years, some people never forget why they show up and celebrate Easter Sunday.

“My mother calls it, at 91 years old, she says ‘happy resurrection day’, and that’s what’s most important to us,” Unity Church Member Sharyn Tugwell said.