Greenville businesses prepare for spooky season despite inflation

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Frightening masks, scary mannequins, and unique costumes all come to mind when people think about Halloween.

Spirit Halloween employee Danielle Baugh says the holiday gives some the chance to step outside of the box and tap into their creative side for one night.

“Halloween is truly the holiday where you can express who you are through a costume and not be nervous or put a mask on,” Baugh said. “People still love dressing up in college and as adults. I’ve seen parents buy matching costumes with their kids.”

Businesses in Greenville such as Halloween Express and Spirit Halloween are providing people with everything they need in order to have a successful scary and fun night out.

They each sell a variety of costumes, decorations, props, and accessories available to all ages.

Customers like ECU junior Hal Sharpe say the excitement level for the holiday amplifies as you get older.

“I’d say like when you were a kid it was fun to go out and trick or treat,” Sharpe said. “Now, in high school, it wasn’t as fun but when college came around you spend a lot of money, go out and go downtown. You don’t remember what you do.”

Most Halloween retail stores are seasonal, which means they’re only open for three months out of the year. However, Baugh says that once October comes around there’s an extreme increase in revenue.

“In August, it’s very slow but in October, business really picks up,” Baugh said. “I love seeing people come in and they always tell me like I’m so excited to get this costume and I’m so excited for Halloween.”

Halloween is just six days away, which means some people may be running out of time to grab their costumes, especially ECU students.

“Only thing I can say is that I’m sorry if you have a Tuesday class because you’re going to miss it,” Sharpe said.

This Halloween is the first year some stores are opened at full capacity due to COVID and Baugh says they’ve seen a large amount of revenue come in.

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