Greene Central High School receives grant for a new school

SNOW HILL, N.C. (WITN) – In a significant development for education in one county here in the east, a grant has been awarded to enhance educational opportunities for one school.

A needs-based school capital fund, which is the name of the grant, helps counties with their critical school capital needs, especially for rural areas like Greene County.

A supplemental fund of $12 million is helping Greene Central High School start construction in June for a brand new school after receiving $50 million last year. Principal Patrick Greene says now is the time to make some improvements.

“Greene County is a low-wealth district, so we decided it was time to really do some upgrades to the current school or decide to build a brand new one. We decided to go the route of building a brand new school that was innovative and something the kids could be proud of,” Greene said.

According to Greene, the new school will be built right in front of the existing school, with construction starting in June.

Student Cameron Lane was a part of the design process of the new school and suggested new lights and greenery.

“We also wanted a lot of open space for the students because right now our current school has a lot of courts so we wanted to make use of them so that was one of my biggest points is making sure this school reflected that,” Lane said.

State Superintendent Catherine Truitt says the needs-based grant requires local matching funds from county funds or other non-state funds but in this case, the county had to match zero percent. Greene says this allows for more growth.

“You are gonna see some really innovative stem labs for our kids to do some first class work that involves stem learning which is what we are really known for in our school. You’ll also see some great CTE areas, our agriculture and animal science are gonna have tremendous facilities,” Greene said.

According to Truitt, the need for this fund was based on an algorithm that says if this county raised property taxes one penny, how much income would that generate, which is a fairly low number in Greene County.

Construction is expected to be finished and ready to welcome students in the fall of 2026. So far this is the only supplemental grant awarded, but according to Truitt, there will be more.