Governor Cooper visits Camp Lejeune

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (WITN) – Six years ago, Hurricane Florence hit and devastated communities across North Carolina including Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

According to Nathaniel Fahy, communication strategy and operations director of Camp Lejeune, some of the damage included more than 388 buildings with roof damages, 319 facilities with interior damage, 68 facilities needing full renovations, and more than 60% of the 6,200 privatized base housing sustaining damage from Florence.

Tuesday’s visit by Governor Cooper was to see the improvements made. He took was a bus tour around Camp Lejeune accompanied by Camp Lejeune Deputy Commander Ralph Rizzo and other top Marine officials.

“We’re now seeing it pay off [the investments]. I just took a bus tour around the base to see the significant investments that been made. How they’ve been able to find positive things out of the negatives of Hurricane Florence. What they [Camp Lejeune Marines] have been able to do to upgrade, retrofit, become more resilient, become more efficient, using technology. It’s pretty phenomenal.” said Governor Roy Cooper.

The new technology, new training techniques, and upgraded buildings surprised Cooper and he learned that Camp Lejeune is now ready and prepared for another storm like Florence. Cooper also believes the new upgrades and training will make for better-trained Marines in the future.

Cooper says the Marines on base were most concerned about their family. How to make the quality of life better for Marine families on base was discussed such as transferable license and certification when moving to North Carolina when servicemen and families are stationed at Camp Lejeune along with childcare for military families.

Nathaniel Fahy also says about 95% of repairs to existing buildings have been completed and completion of all Florence construction is anticipated by early 2026.

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